Aren’t most conversations interesting if you are in a good mood?

A friends poignant question about strangers and long term memories associated with run ins with strangers, has opened up a flood gate of memories that involve benches, coffee shops, euro-rails, lakes, hills, elevators, bathrooms in clubs and even trial rooms. Who initiated these conversations, I’m not sure. But I’m sure there was a polite silence before engaging in general small talk that led to the big talk with people I hadn’t met before. I’ve traded stories for hours with a few of them and at times bravely confided facts that I hadn’t told a soul before.

A few of those strangers with whom I’ve kept in touch remember to send me the most lovely winter wonderland pictures from around the world.

From the Carolina’s to Europe actually 🙂


If all Monday’s were this good









The boys from work and I embarked on a quick food tour around I’ngr – a lovely upscale part of town with pretty lanes and pricey restaurants. Tried an ice cream that ended up flooding the brain with flavours experienced in my childhood.










In other news, ‘The Post’ is absolutely brilliant. And I’m completely caught up with the antics of Lucifer Morningstar!! Scooby introduced this show to me on Saturday and I’ve ended up binge watching the entire first season over the weekend. 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I scare easily, and not to mention have no stomach for this genre. Have been enduring uneasy night’s sleep as a result. 🤦🏻‍♀️

For the fourth time in the recent past, I’ve had good friends call me Penny.

I love Penny!!! She’s such a kickass girl.

But then I suspect my mischievous friends are not considering her kickass ways for calling me by her name. And then there are friends who send me such forwards to prove their argument. Asked the Sydney girl what exactly prompted her to call me that since she was the first person to do so and that too in BBT’s early years. Didnt get an answer 😦

When someone new discovers the full scale of your family’s quirks 🤓

Scooby and I have been sharing amused smirks all weekend as the sister in law is discovering so many of my mums quirks.

  • Like watching an award show for even a half hour will teach you just how much of a Bollywood gossip monger our mother is.
  • This morning when Scooby and I ran downstairs to get some coffee we saw the sil being shown the best way to prune the rose bushes and was being offered other such gardening tips.
  • When Scooby mentioned to mum that he and the sil are planning to switch cable networks due to the the unavailability of certain channels, she proceeded to tell them in plain and simple terms “When you have YouTube why are you people even spending money on cable?! Daddy and I don’t watch tv anymore!” (By the looks of it my parents seem to be turning millennial in their retirement years)

Apparently every empty bottle is filled with stories. And I can say with certainty that the bottle of tequila that went into making last night so splendid is brimming with stories.







Shw and I spent the greater part of the night catching up, bringing each other upto speed about the events of the past year, cracking ridiculous jokes, reminiscing, making pictures and singing entire songs from our teens as they blared over the air waves.

Historic evening!!!