Being able to pull off an impromptu meet up with a busy friend over lunch has got to be one of greatest benefits of having work places at close proximity

N and I spent an hour catching up over lunch by a table next to tall windows with sunlight streaming through the room. The hour just ran away far too quickly over conversations dotted with quick sarcastic jabs and loud laughter.

Only just discovered that the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo has more than 1200 pages!! I’ve been reading this book from the 6th grade and have never realised how much of French history is described in the book. And the number of references to India is staggering.


Yesterday was a day filled with unexpected delights and happy discoveries

The sight of a perfect spring morning as I drove to work.Β Β 

A hidden courtyard adjacent to an often visited but extremely busy street that reminded me of pictures from Spain.Β 

The joy of discovering my favourite table being available in a busy and historic restaurant.Β 

Breakfast tea at the only place in my city I would order tea instead of coffee.

Does anybody truly possess the objectivity required in order to see themselves clearly?

I really do believe that the mental image we have of ourselves and the constant assumption that leads us to take a stand behind blanket statements like β€œI’m not that kinda person” is the single largest reason why people fail to acclimatise when life brings the realities of the world to their doorsteps. I think as life reveals more of itself as time goes on, we all need to learn to bend rules that we made for younger more idealistic selves. And some rules must be broken and moved past.

I’m somehow reminded of an old proverb, “TENSION IS WHO YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE. RELAXATION IS WHO YOU ARE.”

Probably the very definition of a mini heartbreak. The phone fell out of a moving vehicle and the display had to be replaced. Amidst a storm of a week, this was definitely something I didn’t need. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Amidst all the long days and late nights, I thankfully had sense to look up and see that spring is here!!

There are birds chirping madly, the sun is shining brightly, there are flowers in bloom and the world looks happy. Maybe all this was happening last week too and I was just too sick and stressed to absorb the world and appreciate all it’s niceties. We all could I suppose emulate the famous line the ladies from The View use to sign off from the show everyday and take a little time to enjoy whatever view we happen upon today.

I think today is the Saturdayest Saturday that has ever Saturdayed

Primarily because Saturday is supposed to offer relief from the onslaught of a full week. And I have had an INSANE WEEK. So this Saturday is profoundly special.

A bright spot in this week of mayhem was a visit to a B School to recruit the next generation willing to spend their lives making risk consulting their profession. Staying at a campus and interacting with a whole bunch of people over two days has left me with a lot of insight regarding the current upwardly mobile generation. Especially as I watched the HR’s referee the gd’s.

I’ve somehow managed to trudge through the greater part of the week feeling clammy, feverish and absolutely lousy. All the while knowing all too well that I should be buried in my bed, resting. The excruciating experience entitles me to somehow say that surviving a hectic week while battling the flu, qualifies as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.