What an ego boost looks like πŸ™ƒ

When your selfie is compared to all the paintings listed in the Google directory globally and it matches you to a painting that any Indian girl will happily accept as a mega compliment πŸ˜‡.


If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all

I think that’s a sentence everybody who was “well raised” relates to. More so, women and I’m not being sexist here. Every girl is raised with regular dosages of that sentence. But is it really the right approach?

One of the most empowering things I heard recently on Oprah’s Life Lessons was: Nice is passive. Kind is active. One is people-pleasing, the other is peace-keeping. Considering both are acts, which would be the better choice. As far as I’m concerned, in the infamous words from the movie WONDER and P’s current Whatsapp status:

Choose Kind.

An article triggered a proper sleepover kind discussion with the girls about SATC and forced me to look inward and really figure out who I relate to and why. During my college years I so wanted to be Charlotte. I associated more with her than any other character on SATC. Actually my conditioning made me believe that is who I should base myself on. Cut to a couple of years later to me living in the US catching reruns, I figured Miranda was the person who made sense to me.

2018 – I’m Miranda.

What is it about younger people that allows them to look at the world with so much of a lighter view

Is it their lack of exposure to the world? Or the idealism that coats every thought/idea/decision that crosses their mind that is still untainted by reality? Or is it just the complete lack of understanding about life in general?

I remember a friend mentioning how a manager of hers gave her feedback about her greetings with her colleagues were a little too youthful and she needed to change that as she advanced in her career. I completely disagree with what that manager of hers said but can’t help but pay thought to one of his observations: that’s its apparently the youngest people in an organisation who exchange the most enthusiastic of greetings.

Spent an evening amongst the campus batch and had to accompany the 23yearold-brighteyedbushytailed-notyetawareofwhatagoingtohappentothem-toomanybigdreamsnotenoughmoneyinthewallet-MBA’s in order to celebrate the endof their training. As we watched Jurassic World and had dinner later I couldn’t help but think that generation gap is a very real thing. And as much as these kids think I’m “Super cool”, inside I felt like a grandma who starts her sentences with “Oh the kids of this generation…..”. Time to do a few age appropriate activities.

Advantage of being 35, none of the relative poverty of the 20’s to prevent you from making impromptu expensive plans and seeing them through. Like not having to worry about the dent to your wallet while ordering multiple sangrias 😁.

Wonder what a mango a day keeps away?

I’m literally in mango heaven, having gorged on some 5 varieties of mangoes over the weekend. Mom even cooked them in the two variations that are native to my community to lip smacking perfection. Scooby’s bottle of Cherry Brandy ended up being the source of our collective doom thanks to its deceptively sweet taste and alluring smell. Considering everyone at home was running a bit of a cold because of the constant rains, brandy was voted the obvious choice to go with the evening. And that was how the night disappeared into the mist.

Had a fun evening with Sin&BIL. An eventful evening in which the car was tested, my mothers mango curries were tasted, hilarious stories exchanged and Rafa took home his 11th French Open title. Why is there so much fun to be had while being teased and retaliating in kind. I think it’s the running theme of my conversation with this family that I like so much.

Received a sound bit of advice on the work front from BIL and all things considered, I’m going to take it very seriously.

Gifts of plenty πŸ€©

Food probably is the most wonderful and warm of gifts, isn’t it?

Have just received the biggest batch of mangoes of various sizes from a friends farm, and that really is just the tip of the food iceberg I’ve received in recent days. From a bag of homemade banana chips from Kerala delivered at work, to a young associate who scaled the tree at his moms house to get me Australian avocados and a friend who has lovingly baked a batch of gooey chocolate brownies to say congratulations. I feel so incredibly grateful and am overflowing with joy. I guess all I can do is plonk myself down and enjoy my delicious gifts.

And this list wouldn’t be complete without listing mommy’s attempts at marking the special morning that yesterday was.


Advantage of living in a global city #117

Having sushi home delivered from a favourite restaurant for Sunday lunch when you are in no mood to cook. And advantage #71516 of living by yourself would be eating the home delivered sushi in bed while watching a show on Netflix.

At mums insistence ended up having a conversation with someone looking for a simple&sweet girl today and was quite surprised at hearing myself saying – “I can be sweet sometimes but I’m not a simple girl. It’s just not my style”.

Wonder why I hadn’t thought of that earlier?

Scooby and the sil have been flooding my phone with such gorgeous pictures. Sikkim looks like heaven.