I cannot believe that I haven’t written about Beaver

Beavs and I have been the best of friends for decades.

He lives in London and has been there for almost a decade now.

He calls me every weekend and everyone who knows me says I have verbal diarrhoea when I speak with him.

We are connected telepathically and every time I’m in a mess invariably the phone will start ringing and I’ve always found him at the other end patiently listening to me venting my heart out.

Whenever he comes down, he turn at my place that very day and manages to take me out for a cup of coffee or a drink. Looking at Beaver Bangalore flashing on the screen always makes me scream with happiness, just because I know he’s in town.

He’s the one guy who has always had the complete freedom (amongst my friends) to walk into my house at any time of the day to visit me. My parents have never worried about him being around me (and in most cases if a guy even called on the landline back then I had a zillion questions to answer. So beavs was a total different level altogether)

He’s the one person in the world I seriously worry about letting down and my life and heart will never be complete without him holding a huge chunk of it 🙂

Love u beavsss and miss u every single day.


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