Vijayi vishwa tiranga pyara ….. Jhanda ooncha rahen hamara…..


…… there is something about the Independence Day that always gets me feeling my patriotic best.

I remember during our school days we had to be at school early in the morning on 15th August for the tricolour to be hoisted.

A 1000 voices singing the national anthem is something to be felt rather than heard …. and I constantly wish I could feel that again … Its something that a handful number of people know about me … I always cry when i hear the National Anthem … All the things wrong with this country lie long forgotten when i hear Rabindranath Tagore’s composition….

As recently as a month ago when i watched the Dark Knight Rises … the theatre where the movie was being screened always plays the National Anthem before any movie ……. there were people starring glass eyed at the screen, there were people ssinging under their breaths and there were people who were singing with such emotion …….

Happy 66th Independence Day India πŸ™‚


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