Google is old enough to be a high school student

The Google logo today celebrates 14 years of Google. Coming to think of it I cannot imagine the world without Google, infact that is my nickname with my friends. I have a simple funda , “When in doubt, you Google”  🙂


5 years ago I was Googling incessantly for information about Obama , John McCain , Sarah Palin , basically the whole Presidential election storm. I remember watching all the debates between the presidential candidates with wonder last time around. Obama’s speeches were so charasmatic. It was later that I realised that the speeches were written by Jon Favreau who was 27 at the time Obama became President. Later he was appointed as Director of Speechwriting for the Obama administration  …. Ok I am deviating , back to the point…..

It was clear during last years Presidential elections that Obama won on merit (and charisma) , which was made evident due to the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. The stand that the nominees took on various factors that would affect the people were made clear and the public was left to form an opinion on the basis of what was being promised (key deliverables). I distinctly remember the high wave of popular opinion that Sarah Palin was riding upon, shifting after her Katie Couric interview. Also when the people in his own party started steam-rolling Sarah Palin about her teenage daughter’s pregnancy , Obama issued a statement saying “people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits” . Everything said and done – that is a mark of a gentleman.

When will we in India see a state of governance that is similar ???? Will will get to see the power of a democracy where there is a place for public opinion???


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