I think I’m a season or two ahead in my mind (most of the time)…

……… I love the monsoon (currently retreating monsoon) , but more often than not I have caught myself reminiscing about being curled up on a couch with a hot cup of chocolate on a winter night while simultaneously dreaming about me walking down a beach in the hot sun (wearing my new maxi dress) on a summer day.

Today I caught myself hoping that I could be back in the US for Halloween Day …. I remember opening the door and shrieking my life out and took a backward tumble ,when I saw a masked figure standing outside!!!( the guy was dressed like the villain from SCREAM) ……… He actually took off the mask and helped me up.

I dont think he realised that a person born and raised in Bangalore her whole life , with no concept of Halloween except from a Friends episode and a couple of cartoons would react the way I did.


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