The Annual Drawing Assignment for final exam grades …..

…… at our school was in my opinion a big fat joke. I dont remember having seen even a single class teacher of ours encourage anyone by seeing a good quality painting. I infact remember a teacher of ours rudely describing one of my best friends work as messy (to another teacher in the corridor, where I was bent over painting my equivalent of a Graham Gercken). I hope that teacher is eating her heart where ever she is now ( Shw sells her paintings in Art fests today) , which goes on to prove my long standing theory that our school had a lot of wonderful teachers but more than half the lot was “spectacularly bad”.

Now coming back to my rendition of a beautiful scenery . My drawing involved the same representation from I believe 1st grade to the 10th.  This used to consist of three mountains (or was it 2), a river flowing from between mountains , a big tree which used to be a coconut tree during my younger school years and as I grew up, the tree looked like a Gulmohar, beneath the tree there was a house (looked more like a hut but as I grew up I think the house improved, I remember making a mansion once and even drew a chimney and once I even tried making sketching some smoke coming out of the chimney too). Now this masterpiece was submitted in crayon till 3rd grade, in colour pencil till 6th grade and then from 7th grade onwards…………. (the horror continues) in various kinds of water and acrylic paints.

Before I forget , of course I drew the SUN .. with rays, alternating with a big rays and a small rays.


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