The week that was (or something like that they call it)

Cautionary Sign : Incredible long rant or blog (whatever you choose to call it)

It all began with the miracle of life. Actually, it started with waiting 30 long hours at the hospital waiting room for the news that the miracle of life had finally made an appearance. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing had prepared me for how overwhelming a 3.3 kg boy delivered by a girl whom I’ve called one of my closest friends for a greater part of 2 decades (who by all accounts has a reputation for being a first order tilted rocket) would make me feel.  (I don’t remember such honest tears streaking down my face in a very long time). Anyways,this overwhelming joyful emotion was very soon superseded by an overwhelmingly violent emotion (a murderous one to be precise) any person who looks at their cars bumper ripped off like a tin can in the middle of a parking lot will go through a similar emotion ( I am sure) and particularly directed at the *%%#!!^%** who committed the heinous act (I would like nothing better to describe his lineage  here in a few choice words starting with his mothers side of the family)

Anyways the car was sent away on Monday. 4 days later, after a surprisingly wonderful experience with both the insurance guys and the wonderful guys at Trident Hyundai. My car looks good as new and now has a brand new bumper(wonder why I can never say that without sniggering /smirking/bursting into a laugh)

Somewhere mid week during my journey back home at 11:30 (mind you, after putting an honest days work 🙂 not been attending any official dinners off late) I noticed the world suddenly lit up and beautiful. I could officially smell it MY FAVOURITE FESTIVAL LURKING AROUND THE CORNER. There was excitement in the air, Diwali theme ads on tv , SALE flashing at the window of every mall, diyas by truckloads on street corners, Diwali preparations by all the Saas-bahu’s in all the serials my mom follows. At work there was talk about procuring crackers directly from Sivakasi in order to avail an 80% reduction in cost (which later was done, and done with flair. The number on the bill (which was quickly hidden from my hawk eye) looked like it had exceeded the entire Diwali budget for the Bangalore location. Infact the WOOLHEADS that are my ESTEEMED COLLEGUES, have even managed to procure crackers that have STATUTORY WARNINGS  plastered on them that read “TIGER BOMB”  “should deployed in a place where there are no cars in a 50 meter radius as it can cause windshields to shatter”. I predict that we will be slapped with lawsuits from every possible corner, but they don’t seem to heed the lone voice of reason. (Men!! sigh. I know!! ) At this point I predict that if someone offered them a Nuclear Warhead they would buy that too, no questions asked (just so that they could see when they set fire to its tail how loud the BOOM will be .(again…MEN…. sigh…. I only wish there was a smiley that could have done justice to my expression)

Over the weekend I did a spot of shopping myself and bought a lovely dressand while I was at it I even popped into Landmark at Forum (which to my shock has been reduced to just one floor… will write a bigger post on this topic later)… and while I was there picked up another Asterix and Obelix comic ,bought diya’s ,some new bedding , accessories,  another dress (haven’t you watched the lays ad??? Cant have just one). Over the weekend visited the lil one who now has turned a week old and looks cute as a button and is not one to be easily woken up(with one mommy and 4 Massees making as much noise as possible). In the meantime DJ smuggled in Prav’s cake and we reeled in her birthday. It was perfect-the 5 of us together!!!

Woke up at 5 this morning to people bursting crackers,went back to sleep immediately but this time with a smile. Diwali is finally here!!!!!


PS : If there is trouble(and I guess there will be) I can always use the old faithful  I told you so dialogue at all my colleagues!!!


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