My Diwali ……… THEN and NOW

Times have changed but Diwali at my home (thankfully) is still the same ……..

Making sweets is not a speciality that my mother is known for , but come Diwali she does make the most delectable Gulab Jamuns (thanks to the good people at MTR who package and sell their secret recipe) 😉 A tradition that my taste buds have savoured these past 20 years. (That’s how long my memory goes back, I am not going to be owning up to my age)

I remember, there would be a puja in the evening (during the entire course of which I would stare at either the sweets or the crackers) after which there would be the rationing out of the crackers ritual from the mountain of crackers compiled by piling crackers bought by 3 families together. (My cousins and ours)………… But now that Scooby has grown up and thinks there’s nothing wrong with lighting up 10,000 rupees worth of crackers in a single night we think we are above the rationing days. We have a never ending supply of crackers.

Bijli , Lakshmi , Robin , Double shot , regular rockets , 100 waalas and the feared ATOM BOMB were the Amitabh Bachan-hero-type-patakaas of yesteryears ……. fast forward to the present time except for the old classic ATOM BOMB a whole new array of crackers have made it to the scene … from the much hyped Tiger Bomb (of which we had high hopes for —- I am sorry to say didn’t even come up to the effect produced by a Lakshmi bomb) to my favourite -the beautiful , the melodious , the musical ………….. 10,000 WAALA. The winner though are the rockets. There is a cracker that has seen way too much technological advancement. (I wonder if the good people at ISRO have been providing technical inputs to the people at Sivakasi to make our Diwali awesome……….. I am laying all my illogical thoughts out on paper here… or blogspace if you are a purist )

I know its fashionable to say …. “I hate crackers” . But I am not joining that eco-friendly , fake as a Prada purse bandwagon ever… I LOVE CRACKERS!!!!  (and the louder the better).

All those arguments about its a waste-of-money by a few prissy dolls of my acquaintance are immediately rubbished by me ….why you ask?? I will answer that : Special Diwali facial : 3000 rupees , Dress for Badi Diwali : 2000 rupees , Dress for Badi Diwali : anywhere between 3000 to 10,000 rupees,  Diyas (500 rupees) hosting Diwali cards party : 10,000 rupees (Alcohol cost aside) ———– Where is the cost saving factor??? Not one of them considers offering even 1000 rupees to a good cause on Diwali.

Idiots who call the whole thing SILLY ——- I have forgotten count of the same morons who delivered this epilogue have hung over their balconies or terraces (for hours) and watched my family going bonkers bursting crackers. (Its the same argument people have about reality TV or Fashion shows ….. they’ll comment about it , refuse to endorse it but every day if you listen to their arguments carefully they happen to know everything that happened on that show — try starting a conversation about Bigg Boss and you’ll see what I mean)

The biggest argument of all “Crackers pollute the environment” …. (I grant that this is true) but so do the lakhs of autos on the road who emit smoke like what comes out of a coal train. The “Lets-have-a-light-filled-Diya-only-Diwali” brigade fail to see is that their 100 diyas also make use of O2 and emit CO2 and add to the same pollution because they burn for hours. Crackers do the same thing but in a more obvious but quicker way.

The one Then to Now advancement I am super glad about are about the brilliant cameras in the market now. When we were younger photos were taken  like it was a box of Lindt Chocolates.(only 36 in a reel)….  So invariably pictures would only consist of people giving their best poses (in the living room) Unlike that , now there are cameras go where the action is, where you take how many ever pictures that your memory card allows. Scooby has discovered a Fireworks Mode on his camera. The effect is unbelievable. Will upload a few pictures.

Happiest of Diwali to everyone 🙂

May the light from your SWAROWSKI chandelier fall on all the dark corners of your life , the sound of your BOSE music system kill the worrysome silence in your life, May your BENTLEY drive you away from all evil , May your GUCCI shoes help walk the difficult steps in your life and may your ROLEX always show you the right time.  🙂



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