Scooby introduced me to this interesting app called SHAZAM a few hours ago…

……… which identifies music that is being played instantaneously. It immediately got me thinking about the days when a part of a tune I remembered from a song I heard somewhere, would plague me for days and I would keep singing it, lest I forget the song.

I immediately ran downstairs to the room where we have our old cassette player and picked up the many tapes that are still sitting collecting dust on the shelf. Holding those tapes , I almost felt like I was transported back to a time when we used to buy blank tape’s and borrow the original cassette from some friend so that we could collect songs. I had one of those tape recorders which are a double player. Which means I could put the original cassette in one player and the blank cassette in the adjoining player and hit record. Made me quite popular with my school girls (I was quite in demand for my recording services)


The exercise that was undertaken before any singing competition at school was of mammoth proportions. It required an endless regimen of rewinding-and-playing-the-song-until-you-get-the-lyrics-right. If it didn’t require too much rewinding, we would use a pencil strategically inserted into the tape to rewind just a ye bit. As I was rummaging through the shelf I remembered something…… a hazy memory which suddenly became a very vivid memory. I ran back upstairs to rummage through my cupboard to find an old diary in which I have painstakingly penned down lyrics of almost 50 songs ranging from Maine Pyar kiya to DDLJ. I don’t think I did it right, because some of the lyrics I have written make absolutely no sense whatsoever. 😉

Sitting in my room listening to O Sanam (by Lucky Ali) on a tape recorded during my high school days…………… 😀


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