Its the last day of my 20’s and I turn over a new decade tomorrow

and I feel this time around I am so much better prepared. Turning 20, I had no concept about what I wanted to be (though I was studying for my 3rd semester Engineering exams) , no real life experience to actually qualify my views as an adult and everything in life was always at 60 miles per hour. Emotions, bike speed, hormones, temper, everything 😉

Today I feel OLD ENOUGH. Old enough to take charge of my life, old enough to know when to say “this is my last drink” at the club , old enough to feel that “now” I can consider being a mom, old enough to know exactly whom to expect what out of, old enough to feel comfortable in my own skin and why should I not??? I don’t look thirty (I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. How is a person supposed to look when they are 30??) I have slowed down enough to appreciate the things that truly matter in life, have a few REAL accomplishments to flaunt, my skin looks brilliant (seriously , not one wrinkle, laughter line or zit (stood in the bathroom for half an hour in front of the mirror to finish this evaluation)), I’m almost debt free, I have some money (the operative word here being “some” as against being penniless a decade earlier) and I now know that biological clock is a real thing (sometimes that clock makes you act and react in strange ways)

All that I can now truly wish for as I stand at the doorway of a new decade is for a normal decade ahead. My 20’s in parts was scary. I hope the last of my big mistakes is out of the way (would finally want to put a lid on it and move on).

I realise I’ve been running for a greater part of my life. To school, college, tuition’s, parents home, friends homes, my apartment, to work, from work, because of work. I now intend to stop running and instead WALK through the rest of my life and stop to smell the roses 🙂 Hopefully to the tunes of La vie en rose 🙂

I hope life only takes me higher from here on. See you on the other side 🙂


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