The first weekend of April is International-Pillow-Fight Day….

………….. hope that information amuses you as much as it amused me. Got me thinking that it probably would be wonderful if all the problems in the world could be solved by a good old fashioned pillow fight.

I am a culture vulture. I constantly try to find out more about other countries, people, customs. Like we in India celebrate Holi a festival whose energy, colours and energy never fails to encourage everyone around to let go of inhibitions and join in the madness.

Similarly the Tomatino festival in Spain or the Grape Crushing festival in Greece (which incidentally is a part of my bucket list) never fail to make you feel like you should be a part of this maddness or else you miss out on an experience that is unbelievable…… I was lucky to experience Halloween in all its colours and my fascination for the holiday has never been sated since….. every year I look through pictures of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Korea and wish even I can  take a picture that looks like its clicked in no other place but paradise itself…

At this point I am dreaming about going to the Yi Peng festival in Thailand to watch the thousands of Floating Lanterns being released into the sky to the sounds of Buddham Sharanam Gacchami ….. I am already dreaming how elated one would feel to see a lantern released by them rise higher and higher….

Floating Lanterns - Thailand

Floating Lanterns – Thailand

(Image borrowed from


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