The midnight tele-ads seem to getting more bizarre with every passing night ………..

………. from the mind-numbingly dumb to the downright bizarre here’s a caption of the top 3 ads

3. Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra, –  it has miraculous powers which provide financial advancement and stability to the consumers. I don’t know why the world didn’t catch on to this one earlier??? They have openly disproved the theory that what is required to build capital is hard work.

2. Satyam Shivam Sundaram –  A girl roams around campus as if she wants to be invisible and from the shadows watches the guy she has a crush on. The reason she wants to live in the shadows is because of her skin colour. Then her friend who is outgoing whisks her away to a clinic where she is introduced to the MAGICAL MELANIN REVERSAL product which works by a three step action – Satyam , Shivam Sundaram. She applies it, and then becomes white as a lily and out of the blue sprouts confidence in oodles. She goes to college and the idiot who didn’t give her a glance till date suddenly walks up to her and asks her out on a date – worst of all, this woman is deliriously happy that she has found the love of her life thanks to this product, not for a second thinking that the fool has exhibited how shallow he is. What a fairy tale. Ofcourse products like this will always have demand in India, all that you have to do is look through the matrimonial section of any newspaper and this is what every man wants “ WANTED GIRL , SLIM , FAIR AND BEAUTIFUL”

1. WILD HORSE POWER PRASH – It apparently takes your man from “Mildness to Wildness” …. while you are laughing your head off picture this, a 60 year old Punjabi couple who mix this stuff in milk, raise their glasses to each other, say cheers and chug this stuff down — claim it is the secret of their married life and the husband has been able to satisfy his wife “LOTS AND LOTS” (that’s exactly what they say in the ad) …..


I can imagine morons paying through their noses to buy this stuff and drinking it by the gallon completely convinced that WILD HORSE POWER PRASH will make them fantastic lovers (the whole time a simple thought will never cross their minds, that there is an art to love-making and no amount of gulping down liquids such as this will help them magically master the art )


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