A loss of phone by someone dear has led to a fall back to letter writing (or email writing)

And I’m loving the experience of seeing an email in the inbox and reading a long letter at leisure and replying back with natural joy. Its almost a dear-diary kinda scenario but in a way you would frame a letter to the one you love. In the absence of checking in with each other 50 times a day the one letter a day allows for larger discussion, a passage from a book that has captivating you currently, victories in the kitchen, admission of difficulties in acquiring a new skill (in my case I’m struggling to master using chopsticks),Β  a true admission of what reminded one of the other versus the general lip service we unconsciously pay each other(I love you – I love you too).

Got me thinking is there something as too much communication because, if we are not talking to someone we are on Whatsapp with them Β or on BBM. Otherwise we text or email or Skype or Facetime. Are we over communicating??


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