Holi hai bhai holi hai !!!!! Buraa na maano holi hai!!!

Soaked myself in the colours of Holi after a 3 year break and every bit of my being seems to be charged with happiness and vibrancy. At this point I feel exhausted and elated and I look completely unrecognisable with my face completely painted with indigo and dark green liquid colours which refuse to come off, even after I have scrubbed layers of my skin away.

I feel so blessed that I still enjoy this festival with amount of gusto that I remember planning this the first time when I was a six year old. Did’nt get thrown into a colour filled pool this time around but none-the-less soaked from head to toe…… buraa na maano .. Holi hai!!!!

holi_2141309ipicture courtesy www.telegraph.co.uk

Someday ……… I will celebrate the festival of colours in Vrindavan 🙂


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