I saw a puppy shaking water off himself after his bath this morning

…………….. wish I could shake this damn writers block off me in a similar way. I know I am scraping at the bottom of the idea barrel (with my extremely overdue for manicure hands nonetheless) when I am actually writing about the fact that I am not able to draft a blog. I’ve always considered that I am the cats pyjamas when it comes to my oratory skills (invariably every person who has ever offered me a job has heard me describe my “effective communication skills” listed under the strengths category) .

You see the problem is, I’m not much of a thinker. In the sense that I cannot come up with a creative thought overnight (even if you readily offered me all the oil in Saudi Arabia to burn), but give me someone else’s original thought and I can stretch it , modify it and otherwise extend it to a magnum opus (with my copious amounts of research thanks to my high speed internet connection at work). Once I’m done researching about it you should listen to me talk the donkeys hind leg off and while I’m at it, I can sometimes talk the arse off it too.

It’s a good thing this blog is anonymous , primarily because even though it is an illegal practice since 1750, I believe that there will be a witch hunt commissioned to find me and put a swift end to my ramblings once in for all if my identity was made public for even putting up posts of this nature.


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