A bond honed in silence

I walked up the stairs in a blue mood last evening and she followed me up the stairs. Me being the caffeine addict I am, made myself an ultra large mug of coffee, plonked myself on the couch and found her looking at me with such a quizzical expression. It almost looked like pain. And then I realised that she felt hurt that I had not made a cup for her. I just poured out half a cup of coffee and she gulped it down in one go and gave the widest smiles she’s ever given me in our years of acquaintance. Five minutes later as I sat there flicking through channels she moved closer to me and licked my fingers.

As I looked at her big ,beautiful eyes I realised that after almost 3 years, this beautiful, furry, 6 year old , gorgeous German Shepard is finally my  FRIEND 😀  – Brandy you are gorgeous my girl.


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