A recent revelation – “I’m not only very comfortable but very good at living alone”

Unlike a few of my friends who have explored this option and have stumbled upon the most bizarre living-alone behaviours; surprisingly after 3 years of living alone I still seem to have retained most of my good domestic habits (I’m in no way saying that I have no quirks) But, l do manage to get to work on time most days, I haven’t developed a substance abuse problem, I still cook proper meals and serve it on a plate as against friends who have exhibited how they have fine-tuned the art of drinking things straight out of a carton, the bed is made, the floor is clean and I even lock the door when I make a trip to the bathroom 😉 but I admit,living alone has been bad for my waistline than pretty much anything else in my life. I make luxurious meals when I get back from my gruelling hours at work. Its the one ritual apart from cleaning that calms me down 🙂

Living alone seems to be completely blissful to a point where I worry at times that I enjoy the experience too much that I could never co-exist happily with someone in the same space, even though I know that others find great joy in it. But, I figure I have to enjoy this stage of my life while it’s happening since how many people get to experience the total joy of getting to know yourself and doing exactly as you please day after day. And maybe sometime in the future I’ll be ready for a change and willingly share my space with someone else 🙂


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