Do you also suffer from the “this is for a special day” syndrome?

Shw got me the prettiest handmade papaya soap from the Philippines and I have kept it in its original wrapper for the past 3 years. My aunt presented me with pineapple and orange flavoured tea-leaves and I stored them for so long that it grew mould and I didn’t even get to taste it once and the lesser I say on the topic of perfumes the better 😦 I even have fancy stationary that I have been saving for the past 10 years.

Prav calls me a hoarder and a tiny part of my heart can’t help but agree with her observation, primarily because I exhibit all the symptoms of “this is for a special day” syndrome. Unfortunately that special day either never came or on that day I was too happy-too caught up-too busy to bother using this item that I had ear-marked for “special day use”.

I heard a lovely saying recently, “Don’t save anything for a special occasion, today is special enough”. It kinda hit me right between the eyes. So, last Sunday I unwrapped the handmade soap and it is absolutely divine (it actually smells and  looks good enough to eat 😉 , I’ve started wearing expensive perfume almost everyday. Its quite a nice feeling when a shop assistant or some random lady in the elevator tells you that you smell lovely 🙂 . When I get home after work I tend to light scented candles that I’ve collected hoarded / been presented quite a few of them these past years.



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