Last time I checked, my thumb did not look black, then why can I just not keep a plant alive?

Apparently, you have to remember to water the plant. Then suddenly 3 days later later when you remember that living things without a voice-box are dependent on you for water, overcompensating them for the lack of hydration(mostly out of guilt) is apparently a recipe for plant murder 😦

I brought this lovely plant from Greece as a present for my mother and in the process almost brought it to death’s doorstep. I swear it started breathing and showing signs of life the minute she held it in her hands. She called me last month to tell me that the plant has started flowering. I think it is flourishing primarily because its not under MY care, custody or control.

Greek plant

I guess its safe to say that I did not inherit one of my mothers most famous qualities, her GREEN THUMB. She has about 400 plants which are totally dependent on her (and my father and a long suffering gardener who comes in over the weekend). How she keeps them all healthy and happy enough to reward her with so many flowers still beats me. Especially when I could not even keep 2 plants picked up from the “MINIMUM MAINTENANCE PLANTS” section at the greenhouse alive.

This is my balcony at my mother’s place and for long as I can remember I have memories of her talking to all of her plants or singing to them.


PS: My mother is not even aware I bought plants. God forbid she finds about what I’ve done 😦


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