Read an extremely interesting bleacherreport today as to why Pele will always

stand above Messi and Cristiano and the whole WORLD. Hard to imagine that all these years later there has never been anyone who has come close to attaining the kind of glory the “Black Pearl” did. My day would beg to differ  on this point, as far as he is concerned is has got to be Maradona all the way. My dad maintains that when the Hand-of-God goal was struck I was shrieking at the top of my voice and celebrating with him (this being said the year was 1986 ,I was just a toddler and I would have happily joined in any kind of celebration with as much enthusiasm a 3 year old could muster)

Ok, back to the topic of the bleacher report, it brought back a long buried memory of a chapter in one of my school text books that described Pele’s debut match and how he shot to international stardom in a match where the Brazilian squad scored a goal against Russia(which at the time was one of the best footballing nations in the world) and that too when Yashin was at the nets. There was an entire section in the chapter dedicated to the brilliant Russian goalie called Yashin who till this day happens to maintain the reputation of being the best goalies the football field has ever seen.


It was a lovely feeling to open a fresh browser and search for Lev Yashin and see pictures of a man about whom I had studied a long time ago(for grades of course) . Guess it shows how much mystery the world has lost to the advent of technology. I guess it isn’t always wonderful to be instantly gratified.


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