“Do you girls always share a bed when they sleep over?” asked a guy friend of mine with shock and awe when he realised that P and I always sleep in the same bed

…. when she stays over. For that matter ,I always share the bed with my girlfriends when we have spent a night under the same roof.

In college we’d all crash at my house (or at Shw’s or Seem’s places) and the bed could fit all four of us comfortably…… not so much any more, but we can atleast still fit three ๐Ÿ˜‰ …. I even remember 5 of us falling asleep on the same bed one time, until it got pretty crowded and eventually a couple of them moved out in the middle of the night to the guest bed room.ย But there really isn’t a question as to where we’ll sleep when we have a sleep over. It’s the best place to have the funniest and weirdest conversations ever.


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