A day to take a moment and take stock of how far we’ve come

That’s what this “Women’s Day” means to me. I know that it has come to represent a celebration of the women’s movement that in the beginning focussed on equality in the treatment of women at work , school , business and government. Today more than a century later, its saddening that we are still struggling not for a higher but for an equal status.

Having said that I had a particularly empowering experience this week when 2 of my best friends and me piled into the car after a late dinner and decided to go for a long drive. We ended up driving around a lake and then stopped at a roadside chai-waala’s corner to grab a hot cup of tea. Weirdly enough we could see the Indian Flag flying from where stood and we were reminded as to how much things have changed in this conservative pat of the world as far as women are concerned.

This Women’s Day I feel sure we’ll get there soon. How do I know you ask ?

3 women-in Bangalore-out driving by themselves past midnight-having chai on a street corner-and driving back to their apartment. Women could have only wished for this a generation earlier – the ability to have an education, choose to have careers, choose to not live with their parents, choose to be out past sundown, own cars, own property and pretty much take charge of their lives.



One thought on “A day to take a moment and take stock of how far we’ve come

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