I’ve completely fallen in love with the idea of hanging out with friends at breakfast that I’ve started doing it almost every week.

Just before we embark on the bustle of another hectic day at work, meeting up with friends at a hole in the wall trendy joint for breakfast in the morning almost makes it feel like you are on a mini vacation in the middle of the day. Pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee mingled with the warmth of great company makes up for unscripted and unpredictable conversation and laughter (It almost sounded like I read out a scene from an Enid Blyton book!) 🙂


The conversations and faces somehow look a lot more real and endearing in the morning sunlight,  as against the experience of hanging out with friends in the evening  which is in general made upbeat by a haze, usually generated by loud dance music and alcohol.

The only downside in my experience in doing this – You might get tempted to take the day off from work because you don’t want the genuinely GOOD MORNING to end 🙂

Its a good thing my days have been starting off an a nice note. With AB sending me pictures of penguins on South African beaches, Bobby heading to Brazil to watch the FIFA semi-finals , JJ whatsapping pictures of Parisian bridges bathed in sunlight and BS sending pictures from the Wimbledon semis, I am almost tempted to pick out the next destination on my travel list and teleport myself.


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