On days when I’m bound by the magic of a captivating book

You’ll usually find me linger while making coffee because I’m busy flipping through the pages, I stay up way past my bed time and catch myself wishing for more minutes in the day just so that I can get through this book. As I’m rushing towards the end of the Inheritance series, I’ve reached a point wherein I’m having the hardest time doing necessary things in life like eating, sleeping and getting to work 😦

Now that I’ve decided to come clean, I might as well admit that I can be accused of being guilty and committing the same crime when it comes to good TV too. Offlate have caught myself watching all of Ragnar’s raids from the 1st season back to back. In the meantime I don’t know who is more obsessed with the show, Scooby or Ab. It’s a good thing that they’ve chosen to park their hearts with different people. Scooby looooves Floki and Ab is just too confused and is overall enamoured with everyone. But nobody seems to understand my fascination with Torstein.

At this point Ab seems to have gone a step ahead with his madness and now keeps VIKINGS coasters at his desk (I should remember to steal them somehow 😉

Eric and Torstein


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