Two words that just aren’t going well with each other today – “Good and Morning”

Isn’t it an oxymoron of sorts??  Afterall what in the world is so good about waking up to an irritating alarm that cuts into your precious sleep like a rusty blade and then throws you into the pandemonium of getting dressed and getting to work battling insane traffic along the way, only to reach office to have everyone put on a cheery smile and use “Good Morning” as an opening line before launching themselves into absurdly serious work conversations.

As you can see, I’m clearly in a peachy mood today and I’m clearly having issues with the fact that today is NOT a Saturday.

PS: I just found out that there is a popular saying “Good Morning is an Oxymoron”. Now I have to think as to why my brain is not coming up with original ideas or I can look at the positive side of things and feel proud that my brain came up with a statement which has been printed on T-shirts 😉

The truly good mornings are the ones when you wake up like a tousled bundle and peer from underneath the sheets on a Sunday morning……  After you’ve had enough time for your eyes to adjust  to the light, soak up the sounds of birds chirping outside your window and finally get out of bed to get yourself a cup of coffee , because like the proverbial cheery on the cake – that coffee can make this morning perfect. Then when you lounge around in your comfy pyjamas with a steaming coffee in hand reading an Archies comic on a sunny balcony you truly feel like saying “Happy Morning to you too” with a contented smile 🙂


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