I’m fed up of the overdose of PERFECTION all around me

I don’t want to read about people’s perfectly edited life anymore and I’m kinda fed up of seeing only perfectly edited photos of them. I guess everyone thinks they are living inside a movie – CONSTANTLY.

It would be so refreshing to see the vulnerable, flawed, anxious sides to the people we meet everyday or in other words the REAL side of people we meet everyday. It almost feels like the only side anybody is comfortable showing you is the one where they are upbeat/hilarious/put-together/accomplished. Or atleast the illusion that they have it all together. Is it that they are scared to admit to the world that they or their lives have a few flaws or are they in reality scared to admit that fact to just one person – THEMSELVES?

I know its easy to come back from lunch, with a bunch of women who’s sole objective in life for as long as I’ve know them has been to put on an extremely put-together appearance (Today I had to deal with Diwali celebration plans at each of their homes over the span of 3 entire-courses of Chinese food) and purge myself on the blogosphere and write about things like being real,  but in reality “Being Real” scares me quite a bit too. I don’t want others to think badly of me EITHER. How will I act any different when I’ve been trained all by life to be just that – PERFECT.


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