I’m a sucker for fantasy series and I finally finished the Inheritance series ….

and after being taken on this awesome journey spanning 8 years and seeing Galbotorix finally fall , I have two things to say.

2. I was slightly disappointed in the way old Galby was killed …. I had anticipated Eragon and Galbotorix’s final showdown to be the stuff of legends and weirdly it just didn’t live up to my expectations. I had similar expectations for Harry Potter’s showdown with Voldemort and JK did not disappoint.

1. I want an entire book dedicated to deciphering my favourite character – ANGELA 🙂 .The series ended on a note that almost made me pull my hair out and my brain totally riddled with questions. But weirdly, I guess its the perfect way to deal with the woman who only speaks in riddles and portrays moments of such awesomeness that leave you completely dumbstruck. But I so want to know …. Is she?? Is she???

I know I’m making a sweeping statement while saying this but Angela is easily the best character of the series and one of the most memorable characters EVER written in this genre !!!

I’m in the meantime finding solace in bingewatching the second season of the Vikings.



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