Getting to know someone new can be such an intoxicating experience …..

So much so, that it can entirely take away your focus from all the negative parts of your life, whether its a flat tyre in the morning or the back-ache that’s been troubling you or a bad week at work. I find it amazing that when it comes to the entire aspect of starting off on a clean slate, everyone tends to always put their best foot forward. We tend to only concentrate on the happier aspects of life and regale each other with only the hilarious stories that have occurred during our existence and………….. almost always, the mouth is perpetually curved into a happy smile 🙂

I want to test a theory if this getting to business works only with new people who come waltzing into our lives or can it be tried on people with whom I have just lost touch or drifted away from over the course of time. I’ve seen people whom I have previously counted as friends, over the course of time become individuals with whom I have nothing in common. I recently met one such individual with whom I’d not had a conversation in more than 8 years. Meeting her was almost like meeting a totally new person and it was fun getting to know this person with a fun job, a happy home and a gorgeous daughter.

Probably I should try and re-get to know people with whom I have lost touch and hopefully start afresh on a clean slate.



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