My brother is insanely cool to have named the Wi-Fi at home “Demon of the Hidden Mist”

And if that is not enough, the username for his desktop is GOHAN 😉

What else can be expected out of a kid who got addicted to the Anime Network when he was hardly 8 years old 😉 (Ok!!! Ok!! I got him addicted to it). He grew up believing that DragonBallZ was the best anime show ever to an extent where we negotiated time off from studies so that we could watch this between 6-6:30 PM on Saturdays with mum during our school years. I still happen to believe that it is the gold standard when it comes to anime series. Scooby strangely didn’t seem to take a shine to another show I quite liked – Cardcaptors. But then, Sakura was a girl and Scooby didn’t like girls much back then (he more that seems to be making up for all that lost love as a 25 year old).  We graduated to Pokemon and wanted to buy a Picachhu – EACH and were lame enough to know the Team Rockets song (hiding my face as I admit this and I’m pretty certain that if Scooby knew my blog ID and found out that I admitted to him singing “Meowth that’s right!!!” he would definitely kill me).

Anyways, all this was during our school days and as we grew up we met Aang and totally fell head over heels over the series and went on a brilliant adventure touring the Water-tribe, the Earth nation and the Air Temples high in the mountains. Recently, the series came a full circle as they show Korra being groomed as the next Avatar by the Southern Water Tribe and I feel like re-living this beloved series from the very beginning because this was the first time we connected to the series in an extremely personal way. Even though the series deals with serious topics like genocide, loss, loneliness , it doesn’t make you feel a constant sense of gloom descending over you. There is happiness in abundant measure to mask the darkness.

Over the last 7 years though, the show ruling our collective hearts stars, “The Number One Hyperactive, Knuckleheaded Ninja” – the third reincarnation of Asura – the one , the only – NARUTO UZUMAKI. With a lifetime worth of Anime watching experience behind me, I can safely say that there’s not an anime yet created that’s better than Naruto.

To sign off – such a cool sketch of 2 of my favourite anime characters 🙂 🙂 🙂 Naruto’s frown is so adorably poutish and anyone who knows him can totally recognise that expression. I love that Aang too is wearing his trademark cheeky grin.



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