Do you remember your first ever luxury splurge?

Mine was a trip to Paris.


I just watched an interview of Oprah where she mentioned that her first big splurge was onRalph Lauren sheets and I thought about how we choose to spend our money when we start grown-up jobs 🙂

It usually does not look that way, but I am a girl who budgets quite efficiently. I think a lot about the future and crave an early retirement from a high-pressure corporate job – so, keeping my expenses in check is a priority. Having said that, I live a GOOD life  and don’t skim on things I totally deserve. Afterall, I work very hard and I believe with all my heart that spending on good quality products for my skin, going to great restaurants, investing  in good quality bed linen and getting periodic massages (don’t you dare judge – I’ve ranted enough about my back problems and those massages help me deal with spondylitis) and periodic rewards.

The latest big splurge was my Rado watch and it was such a  meaningful and personal purchase for me that everytime I look, it reminds me of all the hard work that went into bringing me to a point in my life and in my career that allows me to value and own this gorgeous time-piece. For me , it holds value beyond the price tag – it is the story, the journey, the aspiration, the memory, the effort all of which get represented in the form of this watch.


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