Do you remember your first ever luxury splurge?

Mine was a trip to Paris.


I just watched an interview of Oprah where she mentioned that her first big splurge was onRalph Lauren sheets and I thought about how we choose to spend our money when we start grown-up jobs šŸ™‚

It usually does not look that way, but I am a girl who budgetsĀ quite efficiently. I think a lot about the future and crave an early retirement from a high-pressure corporate job – so, keeping my expenses in check is a priority. Having said that, I live a GOOD life Ā and donā€™t skim on things I totally deserve. Afterall, I work very hard and I believe with all my heart thatĀ spending on good quality products for my skin, going to great restaurants, investingĀ Ā in good quality bed linen and getting periodic massages (donā€™t you dare judge – I’ve rantedĀ enough about my back problems and those massages help meĀ deal with spondylitis) and periodic rewards.

The latest big splurge was my Rado watch and it was such a Ā meaningful and personal purchase for me that everytime I look,Ā it reminds me of all the hard work that went into bringing me to a point in my life and in my career that allows me to value and own this gorgeous time-piece. For me , it holds value beyond the price tag – it is the story, the journey, the aspiration, the memory, the effort all of which get represented in the form of this watch.


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