I love the Self Esteem Project of Dove. I remember Oprah featuring the “Real Women” a long time ago on her show, I didn’t realise that they had launched a full blown campaign.

Did you know women wrote over 5 million negative tweets about beauty on social media just in the year 2014?

When I watched this video I realised, I too had become a person who the minute I see a mirror, check for imperfections, pimples, freckles, misbehaving hair – instead of looking at MYSELF. This may be something so simple as hair at first sight, but to many its a real challenge. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves or at some point in time didn’t like, whether you choose to admit it or not. But its time everyone realised that we get this one body and we have to live in this skin till the day we bid adieu, WHY CANT WE LEARN TO LOVE AND EMBRACE WHAT IS TRULY A UNIQUE FACE instead of wanting to fit into a social-media-promoted-individualityless-mould? Why?

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