I’ve never watched anything like it, but even I will ruefully tell you – believe the hype – believe all of it!

In my opinion, no movie can get more chaotic than MAD MAX :FURY ROAD. With the internet filling up with adulations for this movie, I don’t think there is anything I can say that has not already been said or written. Its been well over 12 hours since I left IMAX looking completely dis-shelved but my blood pressure is still high and it seems to have left me with a dull and constant headache.

On a different note, that guy with the flame throwing guitar did not utter a single word throughout the entire movie, but I couldn’t stop watching him with glazed eyes every time he appeared on screen. Someday(not any time soon), I might even thank Bhat saab for dragging me to this movie.


Caught promos of a lot of upcoming movies before I got engulfed in the raging maniacal world of Mad Max. Why is Batman fighting Super Man? And why do I have to wait till 2016 to get some answers 😦 . Oh I can’t wait to watch Jurassic World soon enough though 😉


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