And then there are times when your career starts making you feel all sorts of accomplished

From the joy of chauffeur driven luxury cars picking you up at the airport and whisking you off to swanky 5 star hotels to come back to after busy days spent negotiating and reviewing business deals. I don’t think I should even get started on the topic of free toiletries (and I’m not referring to the regular shampoo-conditioner-body lotion-soap combo) – this time I found neatly bottled vegan bath products, sea salts and aromatic oils 😉 which were put to immediate good use since I figured a long bath was just what my sore body needed after a maniacal day. An hour later I was well on my way to getting a restful night’s sleep but not before spending a lovely evening in the company of friends at the German Bakery.


Managed to wriggle some free time for myself last evening while in Pune and headed to a pub for a drink. As as I heard Evanescence and Creed playing on the airwaves I found myself remembering things from another time and another life when I had regular access to these particular brand of margaritas that I happen to love so much. Wonder where that girl went? I remember an ex-boss of mine Pinks who constantly said “whatever you focus on – expands” and I couldn’t help but think how true that statement is. She drove me to focus on my career and 7 years later I cant help but think “It all happened!!” – and more importantly, I made myself into a person I am very much proud about. I cannot help but remember the elation I felt the first time way back in 2008 when my company flew me to Chennai for a week and I stayed at a plush hotel all by myself for the first time. I couldn’t wait to run back to my room, order room service, sing and dance along to some music channel and thoroughly have a ball.  It still remains one on my most memorable hotel stays. How would it not be when you thing now in hindsight? It was my first time.

At the cost of sounding pompous, I’ll admit that if the 23 year old me met the woman I am today, she would be in awe for days. I truly have so much to be grateful for.


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