I flunked the N.E.W.T’s in style

Always considered myself the cats pyjamas at Potter trivia, but ended up flunking the mock tests at the book launch. It was great fun though being amongst so many Potterheads.  

Felt cheated that inspite of placing the order months in advance, the store didn’t honor its promise of giving HP goodies if you bought directly from the store. Might as well have booked it through Amazon for a 30% discount. 

Early morning re-edit

6:37 AM 1st August 2016, daylight peeping through my bedroom window and I just closed the book. 

Set an alarm for 5:30 to wake up and finish the book since I knew there is no way I would be able to get through the day with an unfinished Harry Potter book at home. Unfortunately neither does the option of bunking an entire day of college to just stay in bed and read the book exist anymore. Oh my younger rebellious days – how I miss them sometimes. 


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