In 5th grade biology we studied that every human being has a unique set of fingerprints

Who knew that one day using technology, we would put that unique identity to use to the extent where it would allow us to get into our offices, unlock our phones and even get a national ID.

My earliest memory about the uniqueness of fingerprints is derived from old Bollywood movies that portrayed poor farmers handing over their land deeds to tyrannical landlords and since they were illiterate, they attested the document with impressions of their thumbs or in more recent years when CSI would lift a print off of a crime-scene and run it through a database to catch the bad guys (wasn’t CSI Vegas the best?! Grism was so cool!!)

I’m digressing from the topic. All I’m trying to say is that I still miss my trusty Blackberry but I’m warming up to the charms of the swanky iPhone 6 and have willingly submitted my fingerprint to seal the start of the new relationship.


And just like that, its been a decade since I visited Rohtang Pass.


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