Long festive weekend spent savouring the joys of being at mums place

The most distinct feature about my mums house from the outside is the lush-fuschia-coloured-bougainvillecreeper tumbling over and draping the west corner of the house, which is best admired from our balcony.

I’ve been diving through a thousand pictures from my childhood and even managed to leisurely look through my parents wedding album this weekend – such a beautiful pair these two make. Found a candid picture of my mum burping me that made my heart ooze and melt and go all gooey. Wonder why I hadn’t observed this picture in detail before.

Found some time to re-decorate and clean my room a bit (actually was made to find time by the mother on a cleaning mission) . Loved rearranging stuff around the room and kept thinking about how much I used to cherish doing this when I used to live here (full-time).

All through the weekend there were intermittent showers which were thoroughly enjoyed with multiple cups of hot coffee out on the balcony.



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