A notification from someone who migrated to the U.S. almost a decade ago annoouncing an important change she has embraced, has given rise to this very insightful question.

Apparently as a part of gaining citizenship you are allowed to change your name. All of us can agree that we had no say whatsoever in the matter of our names. It was lovingly bestowed upon us by our parents and elders (and was hopefully a well thought out decision). But I’m sure if one has to repeatedly resort to an impromptu class in phonetics every time you introduce yourself by name to just about everyone (case in point me for the entire duration of my stay in the U.S. and every single time I travel to another country), you do think if a name that was not a phonetic challenge could have made things easier. Which is why this girl who has a beautiful Indian name which has been mangled infinite number of times changed her name. Oh and she went one step further and changed her last name to an amalgamation of her birth father and stepfather’s names, which I think is an incredibly mature and a very thoughtful gesture, since both of them are wonderful men and have shaped her life in beautiful ways. 

So if given a choice, would you change your name? 



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