Remembering days of awesomeness called COLLEGE FESTS

They used to offer a break from the routine of college life, put a stop(temporarily) to the tyranny of lecturers and broke the monotony of a student life schedule. It offered such a happy excuse to party hard and pounce on food stalls serving dishes hitherto unknown to the ears or palate of my 17 year old self. In addition to all that, it also seemed to introduce ideas and dreams (and expectations) to previously untouched college freshman minds.

It seemed like we had all the fun while all the hard work of putting this event together rested on the responsible shoulders of seniors in the Student Council and a few enthusiastic juniors. They seemed to manage it all – from procuring funds, setting a schedule, sending out nationwide invites to participating colleges, distributing tickets and even acquiring SPONSORS!!! Wonder how the student body President did all that and managed to score gold medals in academics?

If they ran that festival as teenagers wonder what they are doing now?


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