If all Monday’s were this good

The three idiots embarked on a quick food tour around I’ngr – a lovely upscale part of town with pretty lanes and pricey restaurants. Tried an ice cream that ended up flooding the brain with flavours experienced in my childhood. Ripe guavas with chilli powder sprinkled on top.

In other news, ‘The Post’ is absolutely brilliant. But I didn’t like Tom Hanks portrayal of Ben Bradley. Maybe because Jason Robards portrayal of the brilliant journalist in “All the Presidents Men” is a benchmark that’s tough to be beat and is kinda etched in my brain.

I’m completely caught up with the antics of Lucifer Morningstar!! Scooby introduced this show to me on Saturday and I’ve ended up binge watching the entire first season over the weekend. I scare easily, and not to mention have no stomach for this genre. Have been enduring uneasy night’s sleep as a result. 🤦🏻‍♀️


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