Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Some exciting and some life altering. Some just totally empowering and a couple, just plain scary. It’s been an interesting week but there’s quite a bit weighing down on my mind. Couple that with the insanity of my job, compounded with training a new campus batch and I’m ready to run for the hills. Thankfully, being at mums place over the weekend after almost a month and speaking with the sibling in peace put a few things in perspective.

Quick side observation: Dad seems to have switched his beer preference from KF to Tuborg quietly.

Amidst all the flurry in life at the moment, the kid brother while planning his anniversary getaway with my sil commented, “Is there an April in the past decade when you’ve been in town?”. Which only proves that he knows me all too well and keeps track of my jet setting ways. His observation, aleast from 2012 definitely seems to ring true.

Just got back to my apartment and have been taking stock of groceries. Discovered some Gruyere, some Brie, a half tub of Creme and a small block of Parmesan in the refrigerator. Wonder when I turned into a person who keeps cheeses in their refrigerator? And that too the fancy kinds. I’m extremely surprised at myself.

Devoured Rpit’s birthday gift from cover to cover by my bedroom window. Sarah Anderson is a woman after my little heart I tell you. That page about a bookworms theory of spending is just epic!!!


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