What am I?

I contain water but I’m not a bottle
I can be used to make milk but I’m not a cow
I’m white on the inside but I’m not a loaf of bread
I have a husk but I’m not a head of corn
I have a hard shell but I’m not an egg
I’m brown and hairy on the outside but I’m not a dog

I have a little pool with two layers of wall around it one white and soft and the other dark and hard.

Met a bright young one today who had accompanied its parent to work today. He spent some time getting acquainted with me by trying to trip me over throwing riddles my way. I’ve left him scratching his 8 year old head by asking him to solve a riddle I heard when I was a kid.

“I am a cute red purse with a green clasp, filled with gold coins”.

On a completely different and whimsical note: I’ve realised that wearing a chiffon saree to work on a summer day usually makes me feel like I’m in a music video shot in slow motion. (In between moments when I’m chained to my desk).


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