What is it about younger people that allows them to look at the world with so much of a lighter view

Is it their lack of exposure to the world? Or the idealism that coats every thought/idea/decision that crosses their mind that is still untainted by reality? Or is it just the complete lack of understanding about life in general?

I remember a friend mentioning feedback she received from a manager of hers about the way she exchanged greetings with her colleagues. He had told her that her hi’s&hello’s were a little too youthful and she needed to change that as she advanced in her career. I happen to completely disagree with what that manager of hers said, but can’t help but pay some thought to one of his observations: that, its apparently the youngest people in an organisation who exchange the most enthusiastic of greetings.

Spent a couple of past evenings amongst the campus batch and had to accompany the 23yearold-brighteyedbushytailed-notyetawareofwhatagoingtohappentothem-toomanybigdreamsnotenoughmoneyinthewallet-MBA’s in order to celebrate the end of their training. As we watched Jurassic World and followed it up with dinner, I couldn’t help but think that generation gap is a very real thing. And as much as these kids think I’m “super cool”, inside I felt like grandma who starts her sentences with “Oh the kids of this generation…..”.

I think today I’ll spend time doing a few age appropriate activities.

Late Edit:


Advantage of being 35, none of the relative poverty of the 20’s to prevent you from making impromptu expensive plans and seeing them through. Like not having to worry about the dent to your wallet while ordering multiple sangrias 😁.


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