If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all

I think that’s a sentence everybody who was “well raised” relates to. More so women, and I’m not being sexist here. Every girl is raised with regular dosages of that sentence. But is it really the right approach?

One of the most empowering things I heard recently on Oprah’s Life Lessons was: Nice is passive. Kind is active. One is people-pleasing, the other is peace-keeping. Considering both are acts, which would be the better choice. As far as I’m concerned, in the infamous words from the movie WONDER and P’s current Whatsapp status:

Choose Kind.

An article triggered a proper sleepover kind discussion with the girls about SATC and forced me to look inward and really figure out who I relate to and why. During my college years I so wanted to be Charlotte. I associated more with her than any other character on SATC. Actually my conditioning made me believe that is who I should base myself on. Cut to a couple of years later to me living in the US catching reruns, I figured Miranda was the person who made sense to me.

2018 – I’m Miranda.


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