To remember or not to?

When I look back at the posts of this blog I realise that what is featured mostly seems to be recollections from a day or time in my life that I would like to remember fondly in the future or take a lesson or two from the journey that I’m on. So in the spirit of that, I’m going to write about my experience about Candy Crush Saga and it’s part in my recent personal downfall.

I hated this game before I had ever swiped four candies to form a striped candy. But with two of my colleagues promoting it as a tool to de focus from the insanity of a high pressure job for years, I finally decided to give it a go and downloaded the app following the tense week that the last one was. What followed was three days where I became what I disliked in the first place. Thankfully short of creating another account to give me “life” I came to my senses and deleted the damn thing. Cannot believe this happened to me after I had spent years turning up my nose at all those people. Honestly, a bit shaken about newly experiencing the addictive properties of technology. If an intelligent adult cannot handle this, how are kids supposed to handle boundaries?


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