It is said that everything looks better in colour

I don’t know about everything, but my mood is definitely a whole lot better. The mind was in a bit of a funk this past month and suddenly with one jolt of colour, life’s all better again.

So far my hair has been likened to a peacock feather, a disco ball and a unicorns tail!!! A funny boy asked with mock sincerity if Holi has come early this year. The girls seem to love it. The sil is hopping with joy and keeps asking for pictures. Scooby without emotion said “Looks cool. Have fun with it.” But the sly bugger ran home and told mum last night which resulted in me getting an angry phone call from a very angry mom with instructions to undo ‘it’ before I go pay her a visit. Her exact words were “I better not see you with all that paint in your hair. How do you do your job with hair like that?!! Aren’t you old enough not to do such an irresponsible thing?!! CHANGE IT FIRST THING TOMORROW!!!!” 😕

I retaliated with multiple pictures including the one pictured in this post and have been enduring radio silence on Whatsapp for the past 15 hours. I suspect she’s giving me the silent treatment. 😈

The picture is courtesy of a shady colleague who sneakily clicked it under the pretext that he wants to inspire his wife.


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