Admission: I compartmentalise. And how!!!!

I’ve realised lately that my closest friends have absolutely no clue about a few sides to my personality and people at work even after a decade, have rarely seen me having a ‘fun’, let alone a remotely emotional side (information sneakily sourced from peer review forms submitted to HR). My worlds rarely collide and I’ve realised lately that I consciously keep it that way. Certain parts of my personality thrive around certain kinds of people and that side of my personality is only visible specifically to them.

Had a soul baring conversation with P about my reservations regarding letting anyone see all sides of me, which would in my opinion, only cause a bit of a stir. She mentioned that she’d have no problem coming face to face with my “ON” mode which I usually display in party’s or at happy gatherings and she’s suspected I have that side because as she put it, “you’ve been a social butterfly for most of our lives”. But she however mentioned that she’s happy she’s not met the person I am at work. Because every time she’s dropped in at work, she somehow feels that I’m an alien person to the friend she’s known for 25 years.

In other revelations, realised recently after a brush online with a college ex that whoever I’ve left behind on my journey definitely belongs in the past. However fondly I remember that phase in life and however wonderful the relationship was, it’s supposed to remain in the past. Also realised I was not made for normal and considering the normal person with an averagely successful normal life my ex leads today, it made me wonder if as I came into my own, would that relationship have survived in adulthood?

News flash: It only took 11 years. And I’ve finally stopped being an emotional hoarder 😇.


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