Non permanence

I’ve recently been noticing how many people around me have been changing their previously held rigorous stands about things small and big. An ultra nationalist collegemate who for the longest time made meet ups uncomfortable by railing about friends who went abroad to study or chose to make other countries their new addresses, has recently been bombarding all group chats we’re a part of with pictures of his new home in California. Friends who for years refused a piece of birthday cake because it contained eggs (because they were vegetarians) are now busy reaching out to me for recipes on how to cook with eggs. I have about hundred friends who’ve shifted their views about liquid bread and two of my closest friends who’ve for years yanked my tail about my love for coffee and proclaimed their disdain for the magical drink are now very much falling for its charms. To a point wherein one in particular (I’m looking at you P), is gulping down espressos at an alarmingly scary pace while the other celebrated her 35th birthday with a Tiramisu cake in Sydney!! I’m not judging, you do whatever flips your pancakes. But I’m just saying……

And let’s not even get started on the number of issues I’ve switched my stand on. Starting with my complete 180 on the whole need for social media a decade ago to my almost hermit like stance today. And a topic I can argue about till the cows come home, the importance of white lies. It’s got me thinking if anyone should be speaking in absolutes??

In small ego boosting news, I was invited as a guest of honour this year by a Bengali Association and after some thought I got cold feet and sheepishly cancelled going one day before the event citing work reasons. But the actual reason being I don’t think I’m anyone that important to preside over such an occasion as the guest of honour.


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