Nippy weather, sunny afternoons and balconies bursting with bougainvillea in full bloom

All those terms seem to nicely tie up the background elements that made up this weekend at our home. In addition to all the spirited planning of the glitter filled event that is Diwali.

In other news it’s been revealed to me that I drunk text. And I’m not even able to post a denial in the face of overwhelming evidence. Apparently the girls were treated to a barrage of messages from me when I was on my way back home in a cab on Friday night. And as I dealt with a hangover they were having a whale of a time laughing at me. Some friends I have I tell you!!

Some days are just hard and like I would advise anyone else in the world, I should be counting all of my blessings as best as I possibly can and use a ton of pretty lights to make me feel better. (ZUHI).

And on a lighter note: one should never discount the good effects of flirting over the phone with someone new and hot for a few hours. It has miraculous effects on a troubled heart and I could happily vouch for that.


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