Sillage and the images it sometimes conjures

Been over-indulging myself with a perfume that I received as a present during Diwali and I cant help but feel different everytime I spritz some before I leave for work these days. Its strong but not heady and conjures up images of a rich black strapless velvet gown with a slit that runs up the thigh. I also have this image of dancing with a handsome stranger in a tux on the balcony of a highrise. Its all very provocative yet classy in my head.

Maybe that’d my cue to use this perfume only in the evenings. I cannot have myself thinking and feeling all these things when I have much less satisfying but so much more important things to do in the first half of the day. My everyday perfumes with no nonsense vanilla notes don’t distract me like this one does.

I hope you have something new and shiny to be obsessed with, that’s adding a bit of a pep to your step and providing your life with some whimsy as we step into the end of 2018.

On the topic of sillage, do songs from your childhood ever leave you? All those songs I heard on DD during my childhood are still burnt into memory. I was surprised to hear myself sing along to some lovely Kannada songs from the 80’s and 90’s recently.


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