It is said that “TO COOK IS TO LOVE”. And days when you are surrounded by friends seem the perfect ocassion to serve up plates sprinkled with love.

There are big advantages to being an adult with means and time. Like hosting impromptu tea dates, sleepovers and delicious homemade breakfasts with multiple cups of coffee.

In the meantime, a pact has been made to correct a bad habit that has developed over time and needs immediate fixing.

Yesterday was exciting, I felt so alive being a ghost and helping my team close a massive deal and realised just how much joy my job in sales gives me. If only it didn’t drive me insane with its hours and sustained pressure levels.


Of paths taken and memories collected over the past decade

An airboat ride in the Everglades, gorging on street food in Bangkok, strolling through cobblestone streets along the Seine in Paris, visiting thousand year old temples in Bhubaneswar, cycling 8 kilometres through the Dutch countryside in the rain to see the windmills of Zaanse Schans, a 5 hour guided tour through the breathtaking ruins of ancient Rome, unzipping the tent flap to see the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean, checking out the crypts and fortifications of the Grund in Luxembourg, trekking up to the Tigers Nest monastery in Bhutan, meeting my literary hero over a cup of tea and seeing the view of Mussorie outside his window that he has described in his books innumerable times, watching the sun come up over Prague, having life come a full circle in Hallstatt while rowing a boat on the lake, dancing in the rain in the courtyard of a world heritage site, singing Edelweiss in Salzburg, attending sunrise service at the Vatican, holding three day old baby turtles at a conservation sanctuary in Sri Lanka, losing more money than I’d care to admit at the roulette table in Genting Highlands, driving down the Autobahn in Berlin, having a picnic somewhere on a heavenly glade nestled between the Swiss Alps, sailing on Lake Geneva, laughing non-stop at a fun layover in Warsaw, zipping through the Goan countryside on rented scooters, having a bowl of instant noodles at Rohtang pass, buying all things Punjabi in Amritsar, experiencing amazing steet food in purani Dilli (Old Delhi), going on a cartoon tour of Brussels, fervently hoping to never leave the whitewashed dream that was Santorini.

An immediate recollection of the adventures of the past decade of my young life thus far. All thanks to a lovely conversation that brought back so many snapshots to my mind.

Play the pauses 

I remember hearing this term in a delightful remake of a classic movie which actually refers to a musicians performance. The teacher of a young girl struggling with her performance of Chopin’s Nocturne, offers this simple and insightful suggestion that a musical performance is as much in the pauses between notes as it is in the notes themselves.

At no period in my life has the word PAUSE been more relevant than now. I’ve taken a sabbatical from work, I’m not in a relationship for the first time in my adult life, am in a place in life where I feel both like a kid and an older person at the same time and now strangely am aware of the respite that breaking away from the relentless pace of a life lived on schedule brings.

I intend to PLAY THE PAUSE very very well.

It’s a red letter day

At the end of every year since 1993, I have hoped to accomplish something and today it finally happened. I just realised that for the first time on this blog, I will be ending the year without writing about my resolution to learn swimming. 

PS: I’m conflicted about how I feel about so many people telling me that they cried watching my speech for Scooby at his wedding 😕. 

So that is how the seas were tamed 

The Trevi fountain is the very stuff of which dreams are made. Neptune and his merpeople taming the ocean waters depicted in stone is a vision of mythical proportions. And maybe that is why even though I avoid cliché-d experiences like the plague, I couldn’t help throwing coins over my shoulder and making a wish(and hoping with all my heart that it comes true). Met a lovely young French couple from Marseille whose kids made the cutest wishes.

And just like I had at the gates of the Colosseum, I caught myself wondering how I would have never guessed that there would be a day when I would be putting my knowledge about Roman numerals from the second grade in school to use, in order to read dates inscribed on the Pantheon. It’s as surreal a realisation as it can get.

Life has brought me a very very very long way. To a time when I can carve out magical days for myself instead of waiting for the cosmos to make them happen. I’m thanking all the 2000 Roman Gods in whose honour Julius Agrippa originally had this building commissioned.