So that is how the seas were tamed 

The Trevi fountain is the very stuff of which dreams are made. Neptune and his merpeople taming the ocean waters depicted in stone is a vision of mythical proportions. And maybe that is why even though I avoid cliché-d experiences like the plague, I couldn’t help throwing coins over my shoulder and making a wish. Met a lovely young French couple from Marseille whose kids made the cutest wishes.

And just like I had at the gates of the Colosseum, I caught myself wondering how I would have never guessed that there would be a day when I would be putting my knowledge about Roman numerals from the second grade in school to use, in order to read dates inscribed on the Pantheon. It’s as surreal a realisation as it can get.

Life has brought me a very very long way. To a time when I can carve out magical days for myself instead of waiting for the cosmos to make them happen. I’m thanking all the 2000 Roman Gods in whose honour Julius Agrippa originally had this building commissioned.

Have you randomly seen your past self reflected in other people? 

I have in the past 24 hours seen my past self reflected multiple times.

  • A girl on a bike at a traffic light stopping under the shade of a tree on a very hot summer day, even though she is a few meters away from the signal. A brief respite from the scorching heat also looks welcome.
  • A tired but happy girl managing the desk and closing the accounts for the day at a salon, well past the time most of her colleagues have left.
  • Two summery kurta-patiala clad happy teenage girls wearing big jhumkas and zipping through my neighbourhood on a bike while singing the latest number by the Chainsmokers, loudly and without a care in the world.
  • A very confused junior associate who looks petrified at the extent of cluelessness she’s having to deal with at work.

Life, I realise has brought me such a long distance from where I started that there are times I fail to even recognise myself. I remember writing in this blog a few years ago that the 22 year old me would be in awe for days if she met the present day version. And on a day I have spent saying goodbye to so many people and things that I have grown to admire and get ready to flip a page, I feel awfully aware that I have been in this place before. The pause before a brand new beginning filled with a complete blank page.

It’s time to start writing I guess.

This year has been the best and sometimes the worst year

But I love this time of the year. Primarily because it offers lots of opportunities to reflect on the year gone by and also make minuscule, elaborate and sometimes life-changing plans for the year ahead. 

Plans that seem to have a strange way of not working out, especially the ones that have been painstakingly laid out. But every now and then, there seems to be that one plan that not only comes together like you had imagined within the confines of your head, but turns out even better. It goes without saying that there are big plans for 2017 and my prayer is for those plans to work out. 

2016 was action packed. The year began with watching day break over the Indian Ocean and came to a close with the sight of the mighty Himalayas as I stood more than 10,000 feet above sea level and somewhere between its folds lay days when cherished dreams came true. Meeting Mr.Bond, sitting on my bed next to a window over looking at the view I have read about so many times and imagined how it would be in Landour, owning ruby red shoes ornaments, a long cherished wish to go on road trip with friends, hosting midnight parties adorned by stars in a bottle at the breakfast table or curling up in my armchair would be a few of the moments I remember best. I’m sure there were difficult days, but that’s not the point of this blog.


I’m reflecting on a year that has actually turned out far beyond my expectations for it when it started. And there is another year approaching brimming with possibilities. As I steel myself for the few tough days I forsee, I am grateful to have sufficient reasons to fill my heart with gratitude and give me reasons to smile in anticipation. 


Did a quick search and read through what I’ve reflected upon as the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 drew to a close in this blog. Each post just brought back so many memories. 

It’s almost 2017. How far we’ve come. I wish for the very best of laughs, conversations, experiences, memories, meals, accomplishments and endless possibilities in the years ahead.